The Story About Us

‘Ofela food’ is a food supply chain business organization which is committed to serve the customers with hygienic and organic food supplements. Pure and natural honey, hygienic ghee, organic mango, organic black seed oil etc. are being supplied to the customers through ‘online’ and ‘offline’ orders. ‘Ofela food’ started its dynamic journey at the last half of the recent past year-2019. Since its debut in the food supply chain market,‘ Ofela food’ is attempting to ensure good customer services and desires to be a ‘name of trust’ through providing with trusted organic and hygienic food supplements to the customers.  


Vission Statement

A simple vission of Ofela food is ”Ensuring Organic food globally”

Mission Statement

Mission of Ofela Food is “Ensuring Maximum Customer Satisfaction”

Process of maximum customer satisfaction

  1. By maintaining product quality.
  2. By quick delivery.
  3. By gift.
  4. By make relationship.
  5. By smart product packing.
  6. Low delivery cost.
  7. By sharing product related awareness.
  8. Easy return and Refund policy.
  9. Easy order process etc.



    ‘Ofela food’ is going ahead with noble marketing objectives. These objectives can be summarized as below:

  1. To expand the company’s food supplementary supply chain business in national market and gradually in the world market crossing the national border.
  2. To make place in the global market with trustworthy of customer’s service and customer satisfaction. 
  3. To increase sales of products with good will.
  4. To create brand awareness among the target market by organizing different awareness programmers and sponsoring Institutional cultural programmed, seminars, and others programmers.
  5. To develop new product concept and introduce them in the target market.
  6. To facilitate dynamic youth with employment opportunity.
  7. To encourage new entrepreneurs in the field of self-defending professions.

Why Choose Us

100% Organic Mango

Produced Naturally

We are Brand

Ofela Food is a Organic Food Brand

Chemical Free

No Chemical, all Natural.

From Own Garden

Delivered From Own Garden